Commercial Kitchen to Rent

Take your home-based food business to the next level without the financial burden or risk of opening your own commercial kitchen/storefront.

Most home-based food businesses are limited to Farmer's Markets and roadside stands. Their business is "seasonal" (May-Sept). Nana Clare's Kitchen was built to provide an affordable option to take your home-based business out of your kitchen and into ours, allowing you the opportunity to earn an income all year long.
                              Rent our kitchen, run your business!

                          We are the ONLY Commercial Kitchen built solely for the purpose
                             of rental and culinary education in Northwest Indiana!

     The kitchen is available to rent from 6 am - Midnight 6 days a week.
                                                 Sorry!  We are CLOSED on SUNDAYS.

We also offer a unique retail area featuring delicious items for sale

that were made by our amazing renters, right in our kitchen. 
We host cooking classes for both adults and kids, we host Pop Up restaurants, and a variety of different theme parties and food challenges!

First and foremost, we are a commercial kitchen to rent and our renters needs come first. This makes for a difficult "Regular Retail Schedule" but we try our best to be here during the day
MONDAY - FRIDAY between 10a - 3p

*There is a clock on the door, if you arrive and we aren't here, the clock will tell you when we will be could be later that same evening!*
We welcome your calls or a quick email and we will let you know what our retail schedule is for the day/time you are interested in visiting.

Please visit us and support small, local businesses!

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